Sunday, June 03, 2007


Me in my gear. God, I look tough, don't I?
Battle wound. Looks worse than it felt.
Scott and I

I tried paintballing for the first time today! I went with my friend Scott and a group called Adventure Korea. They plan outings like this quite often. There's one in the future that involves bungee jumping ...I may attend. Anyway, paintballing was pretty cool. I felt like I was on the battlefield in 'Nam or something (not that I know what that was like...). But after I got over the fear of being hit by the extremely fast-moving, hard paintballs, I loosened up and started taking more chances on the battlefield.

I got hit 3 times; first in the mask (thank god we wear face masks), in the boob (big target i guess, haha!), and in the leg. I took a picture of the leg wound. It didn't really hurt when it hit. It's more shocking than anything, and it felt sort of like a pinch--not unlike ones I would receive from my brothers back in the day. Anyway, it's something I'd like to do again when it's not so hot (I was really sweaty and dirty) and with more of my friends. I would just love to nail some people. But none of my loyal blog readers, of course.


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You're hot!

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