Saturday, April 28, 2007

What the F?

So, continuing on my kick of not wanting to become immune to things I see often, I thought I'd share a picture with you. Keep in mind, this happens a lot. Dogs with koolaid ears. And tails. And outfits.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Asian Spring

Nothing says "Asia" like magnolia trees and cherry blossoms. I took these pictures today on my campus. It's a really famous place that people come in spring to see all the blooms. I'm having a picnic there next weekend so my friends can see it. It even smells good.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cultural Immunity?

So, being that it's the second year for me here, I've noticed that certain things about being here don't phase me anymore. Stuff that last year would have left me jaw-dropped and wide-eyed. Now it's become part of the landscape that I hardly notice. Here are some examples:
-When I see a student or coworker on the street, they bow, rather than wave.
-People bump into me all the time without saying "excuse me" (or a Korean version of that)
-There are routinely dancing girls with balloons in a store-front, to signify an opening.
-Quite a few people on the street wear the SARS face-mask. Remember that from pictures back in the early 90s when it was a problem in China and Toronto? Well, no fear, SARS isn't here- it's for people who have respiratory problems or are sick.
-In the grocery store, each counter (meat, vegetable, seafood, etc...) has a yelling-guy who advertises the specials of the day. Because they're all yelling into microphones non-stop simultaneously, it really creates a relaxing shopping experience.
-I have to order a "Banilla Latte" instead of a "Vanilla Latte" at Starbucks because Koreans don't have the letter "v" sound.
Finally, I was in "HomePlus" the other day (a store like Target, but not nearly as cool) and I saw a father crouched down in front of his 2 year old son holding a bottle for him to pee in. Yep, right in the home and garden aisle. Why would you take the escalator all the way to the ground floor when you can simply pee in a water bottle? Actually, this one did sort of catch me off guard, complete with a double-take and "grossed-out face".
I want to remember these things. Because when Korea is a distant memory for me, I want to look back and laugh at all the things that I considered "normal" while I was here.