Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tribute to Riley

I was able to spend some time with my new (and only) nephew when I was home. He was 4 months old when I was there. He is soooo smiley and happy. He makes everyone around him happy. When I smiled at him, he'd get this really shy look and sort of look down (quite the ladies' man) I love him! I almost brought him back to Korea with me, but he would have put me over the luggage limit. Photo highlights of the little guy:

Grandpa Gary and Riley. That's his Blue Steel look (Zoolander reference).
Here's Riley with mom (Stephanie). He was interested in sampling his bib. Tasty.

Riley and me on our first date. Look at his shy little boy act! Charming!
Riley with daddy (my brother Ryan).
Riley and Grandma Lynette in Door County.
What a cutie! And Riley's not bad either. See how I make boys drool?


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