Thursday, September 13, 2007

Other summer festivities

While I was back in Milwaukee, I was busy everyday seeing people and doing summer things. I went to a Brewer game (and tailgated), Six Flags Great America, summer outdoor brunch with bloody marys, campfires, cookouts, and various parties. Not to mention meeting Sarah Jessica Parker...but that was another entry.

Keri and I drinking bloodies at Cafe Hollander.
My boys tailgating before the Brewer's game. (Matt, Jeff, Josh and Steve)
My girls. (Dawn, Heidi and Keri. Where's cousin Heidi?)
At the game....the boys had much better seats, but we were dangerously close to the Bernie Brewer slide. We considered sliding down....but I've already broken enough Brewer slides for one lifetime (Lakefront Brewery).
Josh's parents had a huge cookout since he was back from Boston. We had a campfire and slept in tents in the yard.


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